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Recently graduated from Birmingham City University, specialising in Graphic Design. I like all things digital and everything that generally looks cool. I also play a lot of video games and treat them as a source of insperation rather than "time killer".

This blog is a place for me to reflect on things that I find interesting and worth sharing, some of my own work will be posted here as well.

The wall of inspiration

Ever since I moved my apartment, I always wanted to create perfect creative atmosphere, not just for design, but to think, to discuss and evaluate. These are panoramas I took of my desk and mainly, wall behind it.

photo 2009-1.jpg 2009

photo 2010-1.jpg 2010

I put up pieces from my own work and things I found interesting at the time. I think it helps to think better, to catch on details while starring on the screen. It is sometimes useful to be reminded of what’s been done or associations with the piece on the wall, how I used to think and what I used to be like. Over the years, the wall grew busier but not as good as I imagined it to be - I guess I lost that my vision during my years doing BA.

photo 2012-2.jpg 2012

After I graduated, I took it all down, as a gesture of starting fresh, whether it is a new job or any other new stage in my life.

photo 2013.jpg

It’s 2013 now, it is been more than a year since I took it all down, and my wall is still empty to this day. I guess in the end I lost my motivation the way things turned out. Since I’m starting 2nd part of my MA in a couple of weeks’ time, I want yet again make this wall source of inspiration.